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Stoma Bags is the proud leader in out-of-pocket sales of discount ostomy and medical supplies for the non-insured and under-insured. We ship to all 50 states and most countries.


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Stoma Bags is the proud leader in out-of-pocket sales of discount ostomy and medical supplies for the non-insured and under-insured. We ship to all 50 states and most countries.


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INCONTINENCE SUPPLIES AT DISCOUNTED PRICES is entirely dedicated to the out-of-pocket market dealing with the uninsured and underinsured. We provide access to the largest selection of Incontinence supplies as well as solutions for bladder and bowel management, pessaries, ED devices, and urinary catheters.


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SAVE ON PURCHASES OF WOUND CARE AND SKIN CARE PRODUCTS aim is to alleviate the burden of the under-insured by offering low prices.


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AFFORDABLE RESPIRATORY SUPPLIES DIRECTLY FROM TOP MANUFACTURERS is dedicated to selling first line respiratory therapy products for multiple procedures involving non-acute and critical care patients at discounted prices.


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SAVE WITHOUT COMPROMISING QUALITY delivers competitive pricing for devices and supplies aimed at the treatment and rehabilitation of the back and extremities, muscle and joint injuries, and body impairments.


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Online living aids is dedicated to providing affordable solutions for those with a willingness to act and meet their needs independently of others. we work directly with manufacturers and have ready to deliver to your home any of the thousands of items found on this website.


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Mobilityequip’s ample portfolio is bound to have the equipment you need and can afford. ordering is easy and we deliver straight to your door. please review our stock and brand variety of wheelchairs, scooters, lifts and more.


DiabeticsTreatment Logo Is a website dedicated to the distribution of diabetes products for those in need of affordable medical treatment. the increase in diabetes incidence in the us and the demand for diabetes care products gave rise to the creation of this website.


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Wholesurgical is a site dedicated to medical professionals, research facilities, hospitals and patients by offering a wide range selection of medical instruments, equipment and parts. our product portfolio includes diagnostic equipment, neonatal products, lab equipment, radiology supplies, exam room supplies, surgical instruments, operating room equipment parts, mastectomy products, sterilization equipment and much more.


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Welcome to! physical well-being alone does not equal complete health, it is only part of the equation. the human condition surrounds us with several fields of interest that affect our everyday mood and mental balance. we are here to offer you nature-friendly products intended to alleviate a kaleidoscope of common symptoms and to enhance our dietary health organically and in tune with bodily needs. from managing weight to anti-allergy products, our store has bountiful natural remedies and organic products.


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Our website specializes in providing oral and dental products at discounted prices and we are committed to continue to increase our product offering while maintaining low and affordable costs for our clients.In our site, you will find sterilization equipment, protective equipment, dental instruments, cleaning supplies, lab products, dental materials and much more.


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Offers an extensive portfolio of high quality laboratory products at discounted prices with delivery to all 50 states. Our product offering includes lab furniture, clothing, PPE, instruments, equipment, labware and much more! Need to stock up? Your solution can be found right here. You can place your orders online easily with just a few clicks. If you have any questions or need assistance, call or email us and we will be happy to provide any information needed. Don't overspend, we have you covered!